AXA Insurance
Insurance that travels with you wherever you go. Peace of mind, top quality coverage, excellent value and comprehensive coverage across the globe. With so many coverage options, we tailor a package best suited to your unique needs.
AXA Travel Insurance

If you want your vacation to be worry free, Travel Smart with AXA’s travel insurance covers. Whether you’re travelling down under to Australia or west to Continental Europe, AXA travel insurance covers the cost of everything from medical emergencies to trip cancellation fees, leaving you free to relax and enjoy your vacation. Choose a cover that best suits your needs:

Travel Smart: The best travel insurance product in the market to cover you for any medical and travel inconvenience, ensuring a worry-free holiday.
Travel Family: Comprehensive worldwide travel cover for the whole family (insured person, spouse and unlimited number of children) under one single premium.
Travel Schengen: Compulsory minimum cover required for obtaining a visa to any Schengen country.

Enjoy the following AXA Advantages:
24/7 Alarm Center
Immediate emergency medical assistance available worldwide, 365 days a year, from multilingual healthcare professionals.

Extensive Multicover Protection
Coverage for you and your family, your belongings, your liability, your travel arrangements and more...

Fast and Fair Claims
AXA lives up to its reputation for superior customer service, making it easy to file a claim and receive prompt reimbursement.

Instant Cover
We can activate your AXA travel coverage right away with our instantaneous Web registration.

AXA Insurance Policy

Medical EmergencyEmergency Medical Expenses ** Cost of medical treatment and associated expenses arising from accidental bodily injury or sickness incurred outside the country of residence.
• Emergency Dental Care $400 Excess: $400

Emergency Assistance & Evacuation
• Medical transportation
• Repatriation of other beneficiaries
• Premature return due to death of close relative
• Visit of close relative
• Repatriation of mortal remains
• Cost of first aid and rescue (if Adventure Sports Option taken)

Personal Accident ***
A lump sum for accidental death, permanent total disablement, loss of limb or loss of sight.
Personal Liability ***
Indemnifies you against legal liability towards third parties or damage to their property due to your negligence.
Travel Inconvenience
Personal Baggage & Personal Money
Accidental loss of, theft of or damage to Baggage and Personal Money occurring during the Period of Insurance. The amount payable for Baggage will be the current market value, will be the current market value, which takes into account a deduction for wear, tear and depreciation.

Cancellation or Curtailment
Reimburses you for additional travel and accommodation expenses incurred or forfeited, if it is necessary and unavoidable for you to cancel or curtail your trip.

Loss of Passport
Cost of replacing passport while abroad.
Delayed Departure
We will pay $50 for each 12 hour delay due to strike or adverse weather conditions up to $500.

Baggage Delay
If baggage is delayed for at least 12 hours from the time of your arrival at your outbound destination, we will pay for emergency purchase of essential items limited to clothing and toiletries.

* Please refer to your Policy for full details.
**This is not a private health insurance.
***Personal Accident and Liability under travel inconvenience section.