Corporate Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire
1. The Agency always responded to your calls/mails promptly
2. The agent was always courteous, helpful and professional.
3. The agent was informative and knowledgeable about your corporate travel needs and handled the reservation requirements efficiently.
4. The agent always explores several options and offered the most competitive fare and routing according to your needs.
5. The agent always explains the ticketing, fare options, airfare rules and restrictions thoroughly.
6. The agent always recommends the most appropriate accomodation / hotel options.
7. The accomodation / hotel reservations were accurate and efficiently done.
8. The agent always reccomends appropriate ground transportation / car arrangements.
9. The Ground transportation / car arrangement were accurate and efficiently done. ( if applicable).
10. The Itinerary was always accurate and travel documents ( E-Ticket, Email Itinerary, travel visas) delivered on time.
11. The agent was informative and knowledgeable about the international travel arrangements.
12. The overall pricing structure and value adds were competitive.
13. The after-hours service provided was reliable.
14. My overall satisfaction with agency service was high.