Costa Cruises
Now more than ever, people are discovering the all-inclusive pleasures of a cruise vacation. Cruising is the best vacation value and Costa offers a cruise to suit every taste and every budget. Your cruise fare includes your meals, stateroom accommodations, on-board activities, entertainment and transportation from port to port. Families, friends, couples, singles and honeymooners alike are sailing away for the vacation of their dreams, and eliminating the hassles of planning a vacation. A cruise is one convenient vacation where you won’t have to worry about catching your next flight as you travel from one destination to another, packing and unpacking your bags or making dinner or nightclub reservations. You’ll find that a Costa Cruise ship is a floating resort offering every comfort, convenience and amenity that one could imagine. You can lie back and be completely pampered. Or you can go non-stop enjoying one great show after another -- dine like never before -- try your luck in the lively casino -- or dance the night away to the pulsating beat in the disco. It’s no wonder that more people are taking a cruise vacation than ever before. And once you get a taste of cruising, you’ll also want to come back for more again. In fact, cruises have the highest customer satisfaction of any other vacation experience!