Signature Italian Menu
Starting in January 2016, Bruno Barbieri, the Italian chef who has garnered the most Michelin stars, a total of seven, will create the gala dinner menu on board the ships of the Costa Cruises fleet. This partnership of excellence represents one of the great new ideas of Costa to make its cruises even more exclusive and unique.

The gala menu was specially created by Bruno Barbieri for Costa Cruises guests while taking into account the great variety of cultures and nationalities on board, and trying to ensure that Italians as well as international guests understand the importance of raw materials and how they are processed. This journey through the origins and memories of the chef is also the end result of his experience as a great interpreter of Italian cuisine. A genuine voyage of tastes and flavours and a skilful combination of creativity and genuineness to recount exactly what Italy is, from North to South. Special attention will also be focused on plating and presentation because a taste experience first starts with the eyes and then all the other senses.

In addition to the exclusive menu proposed and created by the great Italian chef Bruno Barbieri, the high-quality gastronomic specialities offered on Costa Cruises ships are based on great Italian regional traditions, with more than 400 dishes representing 16 Italian regions, a symbol of the identity and pride of Italian cuisine. Costa Cruises, always sensitive to the needs and happiness of all cruise passengers, also offers the opportunity to choose complete menus that will satisfy even our vegetarian and vegan guests, with delicacies that symbolise the best of Italy.

In this partnership between Costa Cruises and Bruno Barbieri water, one of the basic elements of the chef’s creative flair, has taken centre stage. In fact, the sea turned out to be a basic factor in this special encounter: in reality it is really a return to cruise ships where the chef first acquired his experience as a cook. A return that, on Costa, thanks to this menu, has the flavour of a dream come true.



Potatoes and marjoram cream with dried mullet roe, roasted octopus, slow-cooked cherry tomatoes with oregano and Taggiasche olive sauce Rice fritter with extract of tomato and basil, on “Friggione” onions and roasted bell peppers

Legume soup with pork jowl and seafood salad, casatiello bread crumbs, garlic and parsley Celery root shaker with bitter chicory pie, sesame seeds, almonds and salt flakes


Crispy pasta parcel with “courtyard” ragout, D.o.p. Taleggio cheese fondue and sweet paprika Saffron flavoured traditional Fregola pasta from Sardinia, with parsley and seafood sauce, shellfish aroma

Meat entrée

Roasted Guinea fowl with spicy fruit (mostarda), chopped eggplant with mint, dry broad beans mousse

Fish entrée

Curls of crispy Flounder on the spit, mixed picked vegetables “Giardiniera”, capers and tomato oil

Vegetarian entrée

Tomato, mango and onion Chutney with potatoes and spinach patties coated in green pistachios


Chocolate iced cake with Marsala wine and coffee aroma, orange zest and pineapple marinated with chilli and saffron